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Calm Coat® PreClip™

CalmCoat® PreClip is a revolutionary grooming spray exclusively formulated to save time and stress for any animal being clipped, shorn or trimmed.

  • Recommended by Trainers and Groomers for a professional finish.
  • Only pre-clipping product on the market.
  • High quality even and smooth cut in less time with fewer lines and cooler clippers.
  • Blended with hypoallergenic moisturizers and emollients.
  • Fresh Gardenia scent
  • Made in the USA

Available in 8 oz. (Larger sizes available)


"You are a miracle worker. Your product Calm Coat has saved my horse Holly her eyes, face, and leg injury to grow her hair back. She is an "itchy" horse and has gone from being almost bald on her face to a beautiful horse. Her leg injury was so serious that we didn't think she would live. Now she doesn't miss a beat and has hair growing on scars that looked like 3rd degree burns. You have greatly helped us! Thanks so much."

-Lisa and Holly