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We are committed to enhance the health and well-being of companion animals by providing superior products of the highest level of quality and purity.

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"I used Detangler & Shine on my Westies, it does a very nice job of untangling."

"I used this product on my dog who has severe skin allergies, it's been two days, and she is already growing hair! We have tried everything costing us hundreds but this is the ONLY product that we have bought that actually works! I would definitely recommend this spray!!!"
-Cassie C.

"I LOVE your products. Your Coat Conditioner and Detangler makes a good quick 'grooming spritzer' for my horse when we go on mounted details. It keeps him soft, clean, shiny, and everyone that meets my horse says he smells good!"

"I recently began using your fly repellent after searching high and low for a natural solution that works. I LOVE it!"
-Madeleine L.

"I am sending kudos for the oatmeal shampoo and detangler from me & my Doxie's! LOVE, LOVE this product, one application over a 2 weeks ago and NO dry skin and they are shinier than ever before."
-Rosann J.

"I love love love my Calm Coat spray for my horses. Nothing works as well to condition my horse's coats, manes and tails, without attracting dust and dirt. I don't have to worry about greasy products getting on my hands and reins. I can spray, wipe or brush in and be done. It is a wonderful product. I also use the topical spray on everything with hair at my house-the horses, the dog, the cat, and even myself. Seems to work well on knicks and bug bites. What is the biggest difference between the all natural spray and the regular calm coat spray (the one in the taller, larger bottles, tropical scented)? This spray works great on my dog too. I use it a couple times a week on the horse and dog anytime I need a quick dusting off. Thanks again for a great product."
"Will the small animal detangler and shine work any better on my dog than the equine spray?"
-Amy P

"The vitamins and skin/coat shed relief are working great! Uriah (our black lab) is shedding less and itching less. I can't wait to use the shampoo. Thank you for making such great products!"
- Kari C

"So I gave my brother-in-law the EFA shampoo and the detangler & shine for his SzhiZu. Poor Brutus is a puppy mill dog and has a lot of problems. Some of them are allergies, flaky skin and rolling in poo. Everything they used in the past gave him a rash. Well, a week of the detangler and shine and he is no longer flaky, no rash, smells amazing and hasn't rolled in poo once. They love it so much they want to know how they can order some! I just washed my pups with the oatmeal shampoo and having a Mastiff my house always smells like wet dog after bath time. No wet dog smell, just piña colada! Love it!"
- Kate

"We adopted Lexie (above) who for months prior to us getting her had a terrible allergy and was losing her fur. The previous owners took her to their vet but after spending a lot of money, they couldn't find a solution. When we got her, it took only THREE weeks of our Calm Coat All-Natural Lotion to remedy the entire problem. If our neighbors who saw Lexie walking everyday weren't believers in our Calm Coat topical lotion before, they were afterwards. It not only cleared up the itching immediately but re-grew the hair to a full, healthy coat. If your dog/cat/horse has skin issues that won't go away, use this as proof to give you the confidence to purchase Calm Coat today!"
- Kristen

"When I find something good,, I like to tell people. CHECK THIS OUT. My dog ' Rooh' got sprayed by a skunk about 4-5 days ago and it got him GOOD!! Well normally since he's an outdoor dog and goes to the creek behind out house each day, I usually let it go and let nature take it course and wear off, BUT, it just was not happening this time. So I went to the local farm & ranch supply looking for something to help, but was told tomato juice? really?? So I just decided to go take a look at all the dog shampoo's and liked what the label had to say about the 'CALM COAT'. There are NO claims that any shampoo I know of will help with skunk smell. Well, my dog got his bath today and I soaked him and washed him up really really good with this OATMEAL SHAMPOO. I was pleasantly surprised that when I got done with his bath, not only was the skunk smell GONE G ONE, but this is a very nice smelling dog shampoo. I am so sold on this shampoo with only one use now, and had to tell people. This is by far the best smelling dog shampoo I have ever used, it smells like something I could use. Really."
- Marylou Kinsey

"For 11 months I have tried many "fixes" for my bichon-poodle mix and the two spots on his inner hind legs. He always is biting them, and causing a sore spot and discoloration of his fur. He spent hours a day biting those spots and me telling him no, no, stop. To my utter delight, yesterday I put a little on each spot and NOT ONE< repeat NOT ONE-time did he bite his legs. He went from 9 am until noon the next day and did not bite those spots!! I repeated it today and so far Not ONE time has he bitten those spots. Thank you sooooooo much for a product that works, a dog that feels much better, and one very happy owner."
- Terry

"Love the Calm Coat products. Smells great and they work too."
- Louann

"You are a miracle worker. Your product CalmCoat has saved my horse (Holly) her eyes, face and leg injury to grow her hair back. She is an "itchy" horse and has gone from being almost bald on her face to a beautiful horse. Her leg injury was so serious that we didn't think she would live. Now she doesn't miss a beat and has hair growing on scars that looked like 3rd degree burns. You have greatly helped us! Thanks so much."
- Lisa and Holly

"I LOVE your Calm Coat Fly spray!! It makes a huge difference in fly control while riding or during my horse's turnout! 'Another GREAT solution is the Original Calm Coat formula...I use it for several things, but this time of year it is soo useful for bug control! I started putting it in Lonestar's ears to help heal all the bug bites. I soon realized that it actually kept bugs from continuing to bite his ears. It works as a repellent for the bugs that always destroy the tissue inside his ears! Even if I go a while without reapplying, it still holds up, and when he does get new bug bites, it heals them extremely quickly! I love Calm Coat!"
- Chloe

"You have a great product. Our horses love it."
- Linda S.

"When I stand at the pasture gate and shake the bottle he comes right away, and stands without a halter for spraying. That tells me he finds relief with it, as well as seeing the obvious healing. We use it on all skin irritations, minor abrasions, sweet itch and it even works on the dreaded scratches."
- Ainsley

"My gelding has persistent problems with sweet itch. It flares up every summer and this year it came a lot sooner. In only a few days his belly was scalded with weeping, itchy sores and was very tender to the touch. I read the other reviews and the claims that the product made, as well as the ingredient list. I ordered it and it arrived on a Friday evening. I started using it the very next day and by Sunday the healing had begun. I applied it once a day for a week and the huge area of raw skin was nearly completely healed. This stuff smells great, stays on and really calms the irritation. Now when a check his belly, there is smooth skin with hair growing back. Most amazing product that actually does what it claims!"
- LT

"I have a horse who is hypersensitive to gnats. He hates having his eyes washed but he LOVES Calm Eyes, leans into the washcloth and lets me wipe, or just hold it on his eye. My other horse, who is not so sensitive, also loves your product."
- Linda T.

"Your product helps my dog with her hot spots."
- Carol

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