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CalmCoat Eyes™

CalmCoat Eyes™ is soothing formulated Eye Care. Excellent remedy for dogs, cats and other small animals.

  • Soothes itching, irritated, runny eyes.
  • Excellent remedy for crusty and weepy eyes.
  • Reduces Redness.
  • Stops Itching.
  • Decreases drainage.
  • Effectively removes set-in tear stains and restores luster to coat.
  • Natural formulated Eye Care.
  • Made in the USA.

Available in 4 oz. & 8 oz



"I have a horse who is hypersensitive to gnats. He hates having his eyes washed but he LOVES Calm Eyes, leans into the washcloth and lets me wipe, or just hold it on his eye. My other horse, who is not so sensitive, also loves your product."
- Linda T.