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A Natural Approach to Skin & Coat Care

Calm Coat was founded in 1996 by Jennifer Elliott at the Last Chance Ranch, a private equine rescue operation that rehabilitates and places horses in distress. Located near Ocala, Florida, Last Chance Ranch saw many horses and other animals with miserable skin conditions. After seeing so many horses with severe skin problems, she wanted to come up with an all-natural alternative to the many, many trips to the veterinarian for treatments and an affordable, safe option to steroids.

The results from her first product, Calm Coat All-Natural Spray, were so amazing that friends started to purchase it. Soon, local veterinarians were ordering it by the gallon and feed stores started carrying the product. Not long after the benefits of this All-Natural Spray were fully realized, Jennifer put her efforts into developing new products and following the same principles that guided her through the development of her signature product.

Thousands of pet owners have found Calm Coat products to be the answer to their dogs, cats, and horses skin and coat needs. Recommended by Horse Journal an astonishing EIGHT TIMES, our signature product, Calm Coat All-Natural Spray was created for the toughest horse with skin problems. Its unique and patented formula eases a multitude of problems such as sweet itch, general itching, insect bites, rain rot, fungus, sunburn, and scratches to name only a few. Calm Coat Natural Spray is excellent for horses, livestock, dogs, cats and other small animals. Calm Coat products are developed for a variety of therapeutic, animal health skin care issues using all natural ingredients as often as possible. Whether for itching, scratching or allergy related needs, we've got you covered. Our products are cruelty-free, biodegradable, contain no dyes, nor animal-by-products and are environmentally sensitive. We are committed to providing animal health products of the highest quality.